Free Vector Repeat Patterns – Diagonal Stripes Set 1

Here’s a set of free repeat patterns. There’s six in total and they’re all diagonal stripes.

Each pattern is seamless and will tile perfectly on all sides. The download contains six Illustrator vector patterns (EPS files) that you can load into Adobe Illustrator or your favorite vector editing program. It also includes six 24 bit transparent PNGs that you can use “as is” or use for Photoshop patterns (Edit->Define Pattern).

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Using Repeat Patterns in Adobe Photoshop

This tutorial is going to show you how easy it is to fill custom shapes with repeating patterns in Adobe Photoshop. I’m using CS3 for this tutorial but it should work in any recent version.

You can have some real creative fun with Photoshop and repeat patterns. As with most things, there’s lots of different ways to use patterns in your own designs. For this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to take a repeat pattern, add it to the Photoshop pattern library and then use it to fill selections.

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