Patternhead Redesign for 2013

Welcome to Patternhead’s new theme for 2013.

Hope you like the new look and feel!

The original blog design was getting a bit tired (it was over 4 years old) so I decided to redesign the theme and make it responsive.

Things are still being tweaked and there are probably still a few teething problems. If you spot a bug, or just want to comment on the new design, leave a comment below :)

Go Patternhead

If you’re looking for Photoshop patterns or Illustrator patterns, why not take a look at the Patternhead shop. Your one stop shop for royalty free, vector and raster, seamless repeat patterns. Now there’s a catchy tagline!

All items are delivered digitally. When you purchase an item, you’ll receive an email with a download link. Click the link, enter the supplied user name and password and you’ll have instant access to the item. There are no delivery charges and you don’t have to wait for items. You can download your vector patterns instantly.

There’s a good selection of patterns available and we’ll add more over the next few months so be sure to bookmark the site and take another look soon.

Bye Shopify Blog, Hello WordPress

Changes are afoot!

Looking for the online store?

It now lives at was running completely on the Shopify platform. It’s a great system for ecommerce but the features of the integrated blog are a bit limited (no trackbacks, pingbacks, no threaded comments, no links to commenter’s sites etc.) I decided to switch things around and use WordPress 2.7 for the main Patternhead site. Continue reading