Grungy Fleur De Lis Free Seamless Vector Pattern

Here’s a free grungy vector pattern with a fleur de lis motif.

Free fleur de lis vector vector pattern from

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope the first freebie of 2010 will be useful for your vintage designs.

In the download you’ll find an Illustrator pattern and a PNG thumbnail of the pattern. As always, the patterns are seamless so they’ll repeat on all sides.

Here’s a sample of the pattern:

Cool, how can I use it?

  • You can use the pattern for personal or commercial projects
  • A link back here would be cool but isn’t required
  • You may not sell or redistribute this vector pattern in any way, shape, or form
  • You may not create derivatives of this pattern for resale or distribution
  • Visit the License and usage info page for full Terms and Conditions of use

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7 thoughts on “Grungy Fleur De Lis Free Seamless Vector Pattern

  1. Hi, I have fallen in love with this Fleu de lis, I wanted to find one that I could use for a tattoo. My friend and I are going to have the same one done for sign of friendship. We both agreed on this one. I have made a small change to it by adding some blue reflections on the three top parts, very cool looking and it gives it some depth. I hope it’s ok with you guys. Thanks

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